Friday, February 15, 2019

Fake News Sites Review

The first site I reviewed is "Buy an Ancestor Online," which appears to be a satirical website making fun of more traditional ancestry websites. The design of the website is a major clue, as it is extremely unprofessional. However, the reason I believe it is satire specifically can be found in the text, which refers to creating ones own lineage when frustrated by its actuality. It is criticizing people, a classic staple of satire.

The next is 'Dog Island," a website which encourages people to send their dogs to an island where they will be truly happy. This site's design is also messy, similarly to that of "Buy an Ancestor Online." This, along with the fact that the site never specifies where the mythical Dog Island is, show that it is a fake news website.

All About Explorers is the next website I looked at. Like the others, it's design is fairly unprofessional, but this is not entirely uncommon among educational websites. What really clues you in about this website is that if you go to the about page of this website, it directly tells you that the articles listed are fictional. It is a website designed specifically to teach students about fake news. This is also evident from the articles themselves, which include details of 16th century explorers armor being sold on Ebay.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Adobe Spark Video 1

This is my first video with Adobe Spark. It is about my summer.
Adobe Spark Video


These are two photos I believe use an unusual perspective or technique. The first is a photo of my yard that I took through a stemmed glass. I found the lines it created interesting, and to me, it feels almost as if one is moving forward quickly. The lines create motion. The second photo is a panorama of my bedroom, featuring my brother. He wanted to pose with his nerf gun. He walked around behind me to create the illusion of their being multiples of him in the room. As you can see, there are a few small mistakes in this photo, or spots where I was shaky. We attempted this shot several times, and this was the best version.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Magic Wand Tool (Lesson 4/3?)

I used the magic wand to make this bird colorful and the background black and white.

Leading Lines

 These are three photographs I have taken that I believe exemplify leading lines. The first image is of the horizon, and the road in the picture acts as a leading line, drawing the viewers eye to the skyline. It also has another set of leading lines, as the power lines similarly come from a corner and direct the viewers eye to the subject.

The second photo is a photo of me on a staircase. I took this photo with an app that filters your images (HUJI). The wall on the right side of the image creates a leading line to the subject, which in this case is me. Another leading line is created by the UN flag on the wall to my left, which again directs the viewers attention to me.

The final photo is of my brother in our driveway. The driveway behind him creates a leading line, directing the focus of the picture to him. The house behind him also serves as a leading line, as do the gates next to him. Arguably, even the branch from the top right of the frame acts as a leading line, as it points down to the subject of the image.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Point Of View

 For this project about point of view, I took a series of photographs of a mirror in my home. I approached the mirror from several different angles, using its reflective surface to reveal images of the room around me, focusing on family photographs and other aspects of the rooms decor, as well as revealing my own face (and phone camera). My goal with this series of pictures is to both provide different angles of the object (the mirror) and to use the mirror to my advantage to create a visually interesting photograph. I am fairly satisfied with this series of photographs, and I think they work well as a cohesive set of images. They even have a theme (sort of) as they are all focused on images of oneself (in this case me) and highlight how one might perceive oneself.